Active Listening to the Universe

Active Listening to the Universe

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I have been wrestling with my own sense of worth for decades.

At this point, this has touched every part of my life.





Things I will never even realize.

In hindsight, I can now see that the Universe has been nudging me to deal with this for quite a while.

But did I listen and work on it?

No, I did not.

So finally my day of reckoning arrived – my dark night of the soul – and when it came, it came in like a wrecking ball and in a very painful way.

(As in, life as I knew it blown to pieces.)

Now, even though I could never have imagined it at the time, this was an important catalyst for change.

But besides realizing that treating ourselves as valuable is vital – what is the bigger lesson here?

The lesson is to listen.

​As in, actively, purposefully listening to your inner voice and the messages the Universe is sending you.

“Listen the easy way or listen the hard way, you won’t have a choice but to hear what the universe wants to tell you.”

If you want to…

  • exist with less resistance and more flow​
  • ​​live a life aligned for you (and you alone)
  • ​​move out of your comfort zone so you can grow in new ways
  • ​​feel more oneness

  • play your role in the collective

…then active listening to the Universe is a tool that can help you get there.

I want to explain what actively listening to the Universe actually means.

And I want to teach you methods you can use to do it (and one that involves astrology, of course).

​So let’s learn how to ditch reactive living and replace it with flow living.

What Does Actively Listening Mean?

Actively listening isn’t something we should only do with the Universe.

This is something that is encouraged in every sector of life from the boardroom to the classroom, within our families, and in conflict resolution (those last two can overlap sometimes!).

​Here are three hallmarks of active listening:

  • Attentiveness: Giving your full attention
  • Asking Clarifying Questions: Seeking clarification
  • Avoiding Interruptions: Allowing the speaker to finish

Take away the fancy descriptions and active listening is just paying attention in a respectful and curious way and not busying our minds with other things – not dividing our attention – when someone is talking to us.

Seems simple enough, right?

​Remember that simple doesn’t always mean easy.

It Could Mean Ignoring Other Messages

Actively listening to the Universe is a skill that comes more naturally for some people than others.

“We are one huge universe speaking and listening to itself”.

​~Francis Lucille

There may be some of you who have felt a connection, listened to your intuition, read symbols, from childhood, and never stopped.

Others, such as myself, were very receptive as children (many are), but then that receptor, or antennae that picks up signals got kind of bent, making it hard to hear the messages the Universe is trying to send.

How do these antennas get damaged?

What makes it hard for us to actively listen to the Universe?

Some challenges come in the form of other people, such as society shaping you to feel as though it is silly, or your family not encouraging your intuition.

​But, there are plenty of barriers to active listening with the Universe that come from within:

  • Our ego can be stubborn
  • We may only lead with our head – always
  • Second guessing or not having confidence in what we are “hearing”
  • Stuck in patterns of behavior that we cling to
  • Not knowing how to be in a state conducive to listening
  • Reactive living rather than flow living

We can often talk ourselves out of what the universe is saying and think we have many “good reasons” to do so.

How to Actively Listen to the Universe

There are many different methods to employ when wanting to hear what the Universe wants to tell you.

One of which is astrology because the entire chart, transits, progressions, and solar arcs, are messages directly from the cosmos.

​But, here are some placement ideas you could investigate that can push you in the right direction when it comes to actively listening to the Universe:

  • Pluto transits – where is Pluto a vehicle for change in your life right now? What other players (planets in aspect) is Pluto interacting with to achieve it?
  • Connect with your Moon sign – what types of things do you need to do to feel at peace (house and sign)? – walk outside, self-care, get lost in creativity, etc.,
  • Look for eclipses in the calendar – this is the grand-daddy of Universe communication and should be prepared for in advance (look at house, sign, and aspects). Where may have you gone off course in these areas that need to be corrected?
  • Solar eclipses – you are being pushed into something new and different.
  • Lunar eclipses – things that need to end will abruptly do so.

Beyond astrology, there are many options when it comes to seeking out the Universe’s messages.

​Here are some:

  • Meditation – this is an obvious one, but it is so effective for quiet listening and anyone can do it, even with zero training
  • Look for recurring themes – synchronicity is the vehicle for change. recurring signs may be a message
  • Tarot reading – every tarot spread is inviting in messages. I use a simple 2 card reading every Monday. What do I need to focus on this week? What do I need to avoid?
  • Investigate inner conflict – if you keep feeling resistance to something ask yourself (or the higher power) why and wait for a response. The answer just might arrive while in the shower, when spaced out, driving, etc.
  • Use sleep – ask for messages before you go to sleep. Answers may come to you in a dream or right when you wake up before you’ve opened your eyes.

When trying to actively listen to the Universe, one of the hardest parts may be waiting for a response.

​Be comfortable with confusion – when it is meant to be clear it will be.

“Listen to the silence. The universe will answer all of your questions.”

​~Adam Houlahan

So get quiet and start actively listening to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

You don’t have to take a back seat when it comes to receiving guidance.

Sure, some messages will only come at the right time – but if you get in an introspective headspace – kindly ask your ego to wait in the other room for a while – you may pick up on notes the Universe has been trying to pass you for some time now.

Time to pick them up.

Have a fantastic day and sending love,

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Hi, I'm Peggy

I went from lost and desperate to feeling more joy and a sense of purpose. And all it took was a little ancient wisdom! Now my mission is to accompany you on your self-discovery path so you can unlock more happiness and self-love as well!

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