Are you seeing Angel Numbers?

Are you seeing Angel Numbers?

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

This week I am honored to feature Professional Numerologist, mentor, and writer ​Novalee Wilder​. She is here to teach us how to recognize when numbers are coming to us as signs and how to understand their meanings.

Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned Professional Numerologist and published author living in Los Angeles.

Have you been seeing Angel Numbers?

Catching 11:11 on a clock, 222 on a license plate, or 36.36 on your receipt?

I’m here to help you figure out the message behind the numbers you see!

Angel numbers are the term numerologists use for repeating single, double, and longer sequences of numbers that show up around us.

We call them angel numbers because they signify that you’re being helped or guided from on high and to follow the impulses and path you’re on.

While some angel numbers are linked to named angels, most of them are tied to a specific state or energy that's available to you at that moment or time in your life.

Angel numbers can show up on license plates, houses, phone numbers, bank accounts, prices, time-stamped receipts, lotto numbers, clocks, etc.

They can also manifest as seeing the same animal or object in a repeating numeric pattern.

They could also be part of your birth date, favorite, or lucky number.

In the esoteric field of Numerology repeating numbers are seen as an amplification of energy.

The more a number shows up around a person, the stronger the vibration behind it is influencing that person's life.

Different numbers mean different things and each one has a specific message and energy.

You might wonder if anyone can see and work with angel numbers?


Everyone can see angel numbers.

We might see them more or less in periods in our lives where the energy they represent is more present and active.

​As we evolve spiritually we might go deeper with other spiritual tools or fields and the angel numbers will take a step back from our immediate attention.

What if you are not seeing angel numbers?

We can always decide to ignore any signs or insights from others or our higher selves.

​Seeing angel numbers is often one of the first things that happen when people go through an awakening and so we might go through that door, abandon course and come back again later.

Seeing angel numbers is often one of the first things that happen when people go through an awakening.

We could be less in need of that form of general guidance and focus more on other forms of connection like meditation and/or prayer.

Meanings of Angel Numbers

Let’s dive into the repeating numbers that are most people’s first sightings of the messages from the angels!

  • 1, 11, and 111 are tied to the beginning of things, of new ideas, creation, conception, and action. Seeing 1's is always a sign of being on the right path, that you're being guided and to follow the nudges within and outside you that lead to greater expansion and feeling free. The energy of 1 is tied to the ego and individuality so take responsibility for the ideas and energy that are being born through you. 1 is always a green light. If you’ve heard people say: “11:11 make a wish!”, this is a way of setting an intention and directing the energy. Note here that we should always direct our energy and prayers toward what we want and not what we don't want.
  • 2, 22, and 222 are connected to fun, connection, excitement, joy, and relationships. Seeing 2's is like fueling up on happy energy and a reminder to reach out, connect with others, and follow the flow. 2 is also tied to patience so if things not feeling solid makes you anxious, the energy of 2 is here to teach you that being in flux can be easy. Enjoy the journey even if you don’t know the destination yet!
  • 3, 33, and 333 are tied to ambition, the physical aspects of reaching a goal and working towards building something bigger. Seeing 333 means that your work will be rewarded, so keep going and trust your vision. Don't listen to people who are not in 'the arena' or as willing to step up as you are. This is a 'you got this!' energy. 3 energy is tied to worth, self-worth, and getting compensated and recognized for the value you bring to the spaces you’re in.
  • 4, 44, and 444 are all about change, transformation, and rebelliousness. This is the energy of changing your viewpoint, physically moving from one place to another, or going on an adventure. Seeing 444 is a sign that change and transformation are needed, unavoidable, and should be embraced. This is also an invitation to embrace your inner rebel and any parts of yourself that might be seen by others as weird.
  • 5, 55, and 555 are the numbers of flow, exchange, money, communication, and movement. This is a great energy to see if money, career, or travel is in focus. With 5's, it's about who you know, who you talk to, and networking. Help and insight can come from anyone and any source. Seeing 5's means that you're opening up your community and lines of communication. It's a very 'Ask and it is given' energy that can make us change jobs, and get raises (if we ask!) for it. 5's make us see how connected we are.
  • 6, 66, and 666 are about our body, close relationships, love, care, family, pleasure, and beauty. This is an anchoring energy so we're working with our body, the earth, our ancestors, our family, or our foundation in general. Seeing 6 means that we are focusing on heart matters, such as romantic love, self-love, nurturing close relationships, friendships, artistic creation, fertility, and making the world more beautiful. 666 is a strong sign to focus on what matters most to your heart and could also be the end of or healing of heartache.
  • 7, 77, and 777 are some of the most spiritual numbers in Numerology. They are connected to our higher selves, our spirit guides, intuition, God, and any higher power we feel connected to and in conversation with. 7 asks us to open upwards, to allow ourselves to be guided and not feel alone in the world. Seeing 777 indicates a higher level of sensitivity to the energies around us. As we open to greater spiritual connection we might feel everything more acutely and have to adjust or limit our exposure or interactions with anything or anyone who interferes with this connection. We might question spiritual dogma and organized religion or have to define our spirituality and beliefs in new ways and terms. 777 says welcome to the next level of your spiritual expansion.
  • 8, 88, and 888 are connected to karma, authenticity, personal power, and identity. There are lessons and teaching moments in life and they cannot be avoided or postponed forever. 8 is the number of balance, and evolving beyond seeing the world as black and white. Seeing 888 means that we are looking at the balance and deeper connections in all areas of our lives. This could be your work-life balance, your mind-body-spirit connection, your connection and understanding of your life-purpose, or your identity as a whole. 888 is a sign to step into the most authentic version of you, and then keep going as this version evolves.
  • 9, 99, and 999 signify the end of the line, endings, completion, and the last action of a cycle. The number 9 is also connected to wisdom, leadership, a higher vision, and diplomacy. With 9 there is a need to pay attention to how things end. We have to honor the journey, action, and energy expended. 9 indicates that we're at the finish line and so how we go through this closing energy or last chapter of a story will impact how we look back at it and the wisdom and lessons learned. 999 is tied to physical actions and responsibility. Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions as how you end this impacts the next chapter and how you will look at yourself going forward. 999 is very anti 'ghosting' and an invitation to step into a wiser person or identity.

Now you have a foundational understanding of the 9 numbers but what if you’re seeing sequences with different numbers?

Angel Numbers in Sequence

You can read longer sequences like words in a sentence.

With longer sequences see if any number is repeated more than others - that energy is the main message in the sentence.

Go back to the overview above and pick the word(s) from each that pops out to you and translate the sequence into a sentence.

For example, you’re seeing 1345111 again and again. Maybe it comes in bits and pieces and then as the full sequence.

Translated into words this could be: "Begin working on the transformation you want to make and talk to people who can help you, it all begins with you!"

Working with and noticing angel numbers is a journey of co-creating and being playful in conversation with the Divine.

If you are open to it there are always guidance to be had and support to rely on.

100% Love, Novalee Wilder

Wanna learn more about Angel Numbers and Numerology?

​Check out Novalee’s books: A Little Bit of Numerology (2019) and A Little Bit of Angel Numbers (2023). Both are great introductions to the energetic world of numbers and the vibration behind them. These easy reads can be used as starting points and reference texts if you’re a beginner or a more advanced spiritual reader.

More about Novalee Wilder:

From twelve-step programs to internationally acclaimed professional training and Balinese mask workshops, she has explored personal growth techniques and the keys to understanding and illuminating the human condition through all her work.

Yet, the years of training pale in comparison to the life-altering experience of changing her name with the help of Numerology.

Blown away by the potency and accuracy of this ancient esoteric tool, she studied for years and is now an expert within her field.

Novalee Wilder is the author of ​A Little Bit of Numerology​, and ​A Little Bit of Angel Numbers​, the host of ​The Numerology Podcast​, and founder of ​The Numerology School​.

She offers 1:1 name change sessions, mentorship, training, and talks about the sacred spiritual science of numbers and letters.

​Learn more at ​​.

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