Your Big Chart Oppositions

Your Big Chart Oppositions

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

I want to work and I want to work hard.

And I have.

But finding the right work has been the bane of my existence because I have to feel meaning in it.

I have to have autonomy in it.

My mind has to have freedom to explore in it.

Once I feel that slip away, game over - I can’t withstand it.

Soul death.

The trail that led me to create a newsletter was crooked, confusing and humbling.

It felt like a low point.

“Everything I have tried felt wrong or totally failed. What am I doing here?!?”

Defeated, I was in a place of submission.

But don’t imagine some scene where I became super-wise and glowing, ready to receive.

Imagine the plastic bag blowing around in the parking lot, throwing up its hands (handles) and saying, “Whatever. Stick me to someone’s bumper or blow me into that tree. Who cares.”

It wasn’t pretty.

Enter the Universe.

Or the Divine, God, the Spirit, or whichever words feel comfortable to you.

It happened so fast it’s hard to remember how.

In one day I realized and planned the weekly newsletter I would begin to write about mystical topics, self-discovery, and my own inner work.

And maybe I didn’t realize any of this, maybe I was told.

I never questioned it - a rare occurrence for me.

Once I began, it felt “right” immediately.

This is what it’s supposed to feel like.

And this struggle is represented in my natal chart.

It’s a glaring, powerful opposition.

I should be embarrassed to admit (I’m not) that it wasn’t until yesterday while looking at my chart that it hit me.

I have “worked on” my own opposition through the act of writing this newsletter.

What felt like friction for decades now feels like flow - and it’s right there in my chart.

Astrologer Robert Hand describes oppositions very similar to what I experienced.

We may “use” people or events as catalysts for us, using that “other” to confront a part of ourselves that needs attention.

I was using jobs that weren’t right for me as a way to confront something else.

That something else is a deep need to use my own inner work in a way that nurtures others.

By chasing down the wrong careers, I was forced to deal with this unfulfillment.

In this newsletter I’m going to:

  • explain what an oppositional aspect is
  • what benefits can come from working with an opposition
  • how to read them
  • where to find oppositions in your chart (natal and transitory)
  • and show where my career struggle had been incredibly obvious in my chart all along

What is an opposition?

Aspects are specific angles that symbolize relationships between two things in a natal chart.

Oppositions are one kind of aspect where two points are 180° apart.

That means they are directly across from one another.

It’s a showdown.

Or a tug-of-war.

What “things” in a chart could be in opposition?

  • Planets
  • Nodes
  • House cusps
  • Any other points that astrologers use

The symbol for an opposition looks like this:

And this is what it looks like in a natal chart.

This is my chart, and you can see how my Jupiter sits in opposition to my Sun and Mercury.

Each aspect in astrology represents a different-sized angle and a different type of relationship.

Oppositions represent a connection where two things are pulling at you from different directions.

It can feel tense.

You can imagine how an oppositional tug-of-war can feel like inner turmoil.

Focusing only on one side of the opposition doesn’t feel “right.”

​And focusing only on the other side feels equally “wrong.”

"They have a lot in common, and a lot to learn from each other, if they can just let their guards down!”

​— Kelli Fox

Robert Hand explains that an opposition could feel like conflict between something inside of us and something outside of us.

  • Love for family vs. job
  • Need for creative time vs. social obligations
  • Desire for individuality vs. a partner

But, he goes further to say that projection could be the culprit - an inner need we haven’t recognized yet provoking the external conflict.

And the gross feelings that come from that force us to deal with it (or at least acknowledge it).

Luckily, whichever direction the tension is coming from, we aren’t stuck there.

Nothing in a natal chart should be seen as bad.

Oppositions are no exception.

​With attention, they can become a force for good in our lives.

Benefits of working with an opposition

While oppositions can feel tense, they can be successfully navigated.

But it can be a process.

It’s through feeling its dissonance that growth is possible.

One way to see oppositions is like a pile of gold buried in a landfill.

​You may not dig up treasure every time, but it’s still worth trying, right?

“Instead of using the opposing energy to breed conflict, how about using the opposing energy to balance?”

​— Dr. Standley

Working with these aspects can resolve internal conflicts that are crying out for attention.

​They can also bring to light strengths we didn’t know we had.

How to work with an opposition

When I read oppositions, I think of them as a balance scale that stretches across the entire chart.

These are two things vying for attention at the same time.

But what do they want?

They both want to be integrated, want to work together - be each others’ checks and balances.

And oppositions need attention.

But to pour all of your energy into one is to starve the other, and vice versa.

Harmony must be found.

A path forward where both are validated will strengthen the entire system.

​Steven Forrest outlines a method for working with aspects:

  • ​“Contemplate the energies the planets represent, they are trying to cooperate and that is an important milestone for growth in your life.
  • Envision what it could look like for them to work together. What are some ideas?

  • What would it look like if it all went bad? What are some possibilities there?”

The idea is to use your imagination.

Come up with a list of solutions that could please both parties in this balancing act.

And it may take thinking up and trying several ideas before one feels right.

“Compromise will definitely be called for—it’s like two people from opposite parts of the world sitting down for a summit on a key issue.”

​— AstroTwins

Another way to work with an opposition is to ask yourself which side of the opposition is the weak side.

Which side are you feeding more and which is a little starved?

Then ask yourself who could help you shore up the weak side.

Is there a friend, coach, mentor, or group, that “does” the weak side really well that you could connect with?

This isn’t meant to be a permanent solution because the goal is to fill our own needs.

​But they may have the right energy needed to foster the growth of that weaker side of the opposition - helping you bring it into better balance.

  • Struggling Mars? Join a competitive league of any kind.
  • Lagging Jupiter? Set a recurring coffee date with that enthusiastic, spiritual friend of yours.
  • Out of balance Pluto? Find a coach or mentor to oversee and encourage your growth.

Those examples are very generic and broad, but you get the idea.

And if nothing else, simply being aware of major oppositions in your natal chart can be half the battle.

​When we pay attention to something we automatically give it more energy.

Finding oppositions in your natal chart

You can easily find oppositions in your natal chart at

To hunt them down, look to the aspect grid:

1. Look for any ☍ symbols in the aspect grid. 

2. Once you locate a ☍ symbol, follow its column up and its row over to see which planets are in the oppositional relationship.

3. First, consider the motivations of each planet involved. How may these two work together well? How might they disagree?

4. Now put the planets in the “costume” of their sign. What do their signs want? How could these two be integrated together in some way?

5. Consider the houses of each planet. What two areas of your life are asking to be well-fed and also balanced? Do you feel the tension between the two in your life, or not? Are these working together in your life now? If not, how could they?

​Here are two big oppositions in my natal chart.

My Sun and Mercury are combined in Sagittarius in the 6th House.

They are both in tight opposition to my Jupiter in Cancer from the 12th House.

The core of who I am (Sun) and my thinking mind and communication (Mercury) are in the house of work.

You can see two other planets also share my 6th house as well - work is going to be a major battlefield in my life.

My 6th house Sun and Mercury are wearing the Sagittarius costume and want independence and meaning in this work.


Through an opposition, they want to balance with my Jupiter, the planet of faith and expansion.

​And it sits in my 12th house of inner exploration and spiritual connection.

Jupiter is wearing the costume of Cancer, giving it a desire to nurture others so they feel loved.

How obvious that the work (6th house) that feels “right” to me and lights me up (Sun) is to write a newsletter (Mercury) about mystical ideas, faith, and my inner work (Jupiter in the 12th house) in order to spread more love into the world (Cancer).

And while I am ready to work hard (4 planets in 6th house), I have to feel as though I have freedom, and autonomy, and that my work has meaning (Sagittarius).

While finding the right work has always felt important to me, simply working hard at something was never the answer.

It needed to balance all of the components in the opposition - writing, spirituality, my own self-discovery - before it finally clicked.

Oppositions don’t have to be a struggle once we strike the right balance.

“It is in the liminal space of unknowing, of discord, and of disharmony that we find the path to awareness. In navigating the misunderstanding we understand.”

​— Ember Small

Finding oppositions in transiting planets

Not all oppositions we experience are lifelong.

Some pop into our lives through transits (the current, moving planets) and ask us to create balance where none may have been needed before.

These are read in the same way as natal oppositions but with one big difference.

Consider the speed of the transiting planet.

How long the planet sticks around in that conjunction affects how long you feel that tension in your life.

And, how big of a change it may be asking for.

When beginning, focus on oppositions with transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

They stay put long enough for you to feel the impact, giving you time to work with them.

The next step is to include Mars, which can stay in aspect for a few weeks - bringing with it an intensity and a need to take action and confront issues.

To find oppositions between transiting planets and your natal planets, go back to

1. Click the “+ Transits” button.

2. You will now see green planet symbols surrounding your natal chart. This is the current location of the transiting planets.

3. Above your natal chart, click the “PDF Additional Tables” button.

4. This will open another window and when you scroll to the 2nd page you can see the aspect grid for your natal planets and the transiting planets.

5. Find the ☍ symbol in this table.

6. Follow the ☍ column up to the top to see which of your natal planets is involved. Then follow the ☍ row to the left to see which transiting planet is creating the opposition.

7. Read this opposition the same way you did in your natal chart, but take into consideration the speed of the planet. Will this last a few weeks or a few months or years?

Digging into your own oppositions can lead to some valuable reflection.

And it may be a catalyst for dealing with internal tugs-of-war you didn't even know were happening.

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Much love,

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Hi, I'm Peggy

I went from lost and desperate to feeling more joy and a sense of purpose. And all it took was a little ancient wisdom! Now my mission is to accompany you on your self-discovery path so you can unlock more happiness and self-love as well!

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