Nurture YOUR Feminine Energy

Nurture YOUR Feminine Energy

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

This week I am honored to feature Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive Guide, Sydney Smith. She is here to teach us why bringing your feminine energy into balance is vital for your well-being.

Sydney is a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Guide who supports empaths, sensitive souls, and intuitive-beings in healing their emotional wounds and awakening the voice of their soul.

You grew up in a world that made you feel unsafe to express your emotions.

You were made to believe that happiness comes from the accolades you achieve and the material items you acquire.

You were taught that working hard and hustling were the keys to success.

You were required to tirelessly prove your ideas would work and your opinions were correct by the logic and research you had to back them up.

What if it was all wrong?

There is a reason why you haven’t reached the fulfillment you’ve dreamed of and why you’ve always felt out of place in the world around you.

As an empathic soul you’ve been relying on your masculine energy, when your feminine energy holds the magic you’ve always needed.

In this article I am going to break down three of the most common negative effects you’ve experienced by growing up in a masculine dominated society.

When I say masculine and feminine I don’t mean man and woman.

Every single person has access to both masculine and feminine energy, however most people express themselves in one more than the other.

It’s important to note that if one of these energies is wounded then the other will be distorted.

For the basis of understanding this article:

  • masculine energy is described as action, logic, strategy, and leadership
  • feminine energy is described as feeling (emotions), intuition (gut instinct), healing, and flowing (allowing)
  • masculine is represented by doing and the feminine is represented by being
  • masculine is seen more in the external and the feminine is felt in the internal

The masculine is seen more in the external and the feminine is felt in the internal.

As an empath soul, your feeling body is extremely important for your entire lifetime.

This is because you easily feel and understand the energy and emotions of others.

When you close off your emotional body, your feminine energy becomes wounded because you are denying the expression of those feelings.

​This is when you become rooted in a distorted masculine energy as a way to try and fit into the world around you.

How has growing up in a masculine dominated society affected you negatively as an empath?

1) You are Too Sensitive (Something must be wrong with you)

In your childhood your parents, guardians, and peers didn’t have the time nor the energy to deal with your emotional outbursts.

In all honesty, society didn’t know how to support you through the big emotions you felt in the first 15+ years of your life.

You grew up in a world where most adults had experienced one or multiple of the following:

The Great Depression; multiple World Wars; the economy collapsing; and so many other major tragedies.

They had to learn quickly how to survive in the biggest challenges society had ever experienced to that point.

​What was the programming that came from all of this?

  • Put your head down and get the work done, or pull your big kid pants on and keep going.
  • There isn’t time to cry about it.
  • Crying and showing emotion of any kind became a sign of weakness because that's when the enemy will attack.

Some of the things you may have heard while growing up sound like, “you are too sensitive”, “stop crying”, “what’s wrong with you”, “life’s tough then you die”, or “why are you always so emotional?”.

There is a time and a place to build resilience and courage in order to press on.

But, when you leave your emotions unexpressed and suppressed they stay bottled up within you forever, creating a shorter fuse each time you feel emotionally triggered.

As an empath soul, you are not too emotional.

You were simply never taught supportive coping mechanisms to express your emotions in a healthy way.

You never felt safe in having emotions.

Now your internal monologue is self-critical and self-judgmental around your emotional experience, leaving you to feel insecure and not worthy because something must be wrong with you.

2) You Aren’t Doing Enough (Pressure Over Purpose)

When you grow up, or even as an adult, watching the successes and milestones of other people you begin to compare where you are standing to where they are succeeding.

The question that fills your mind sounds something like, “what do I need to do to get there” and your main focus becomes all the action steps required to achieve your own idea of success.

But is it really your own idea of success or is it some societal programming that has been placed within your core?

​For many empath souls, you were shown the guidebook to success from a young age that looked like these key steps:

  • graduate high school and get accepted at a good college
  • pick a program and career that will make you good money
  • find a potential spouse to create a life with
  • finish your degree with honors
  • get into your field of work and begin to make a name for yourself
  • get married
  • buy a house
  • start a family
  • get a promotion
  • upgrade your house
  • raise your children by getting them into the best schools and after-school programs
  • eventually retire
  • and then travel and enjoy life

The pressure to reach the next stage and do so faster and better than the people around you was rooted in comparing yourself to thy neighbours and being focused on the materialistic side of life.

Your relationship with productivity is a direct result of where you place your happiness. For many, you were taught that happiness will be felt in the future when you reach that next stage of life.

“I’ll be happy when… we’re finally married.” “I’ll be happy when… I finally get that promotion.” “I’ll be happy when… I finally have the house I’ve always dreamed of.” How can you get to that future moment?

Through hustling and hard work.

​At least that is what the masculine-dominated society has taught you from a young age.

What if your path looks different than the one I laid out earlier?

What if your sense of happiness comes from pursuing a career in the arts, rather than as a lawyer like your parents wanted for you?

What if you never actually wanted children?

Why should you have to live a life that someone else told you is the way to success and happiness when it doesn’t feel aligned and purposeful for you?

The message in your mind that says, “you aren’t doing enough” is driven by pressure and when you take action from this distorted masculine energy you will never tap into the feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment.

By focusing your entire life on which action steps you need to take, you’ve missed out on following the sense of purpose within you.

I’m not saying stop taking action altogether.

I’m saying you are leading yourself to burn-out and exhaustion because you feel pressured to take action.

When you feel that sense of purpose behind your action, you tap into your flow state and every step you take almost feels effortless because you are enjoying the action.

3) Prioritizing Logic Over Intuition (Leads to Over-Analysis Paralysis)

How can you prove your ideas will work?

For many women and men in the working world, you felt like you had to prove yourself for years before anyone would actually listen to you.

Even still others won’t listen to your opinions because you always seem to let your emotions get in the way.

​Society has shown you time and time again that logic and rational reasoning will always back up truth.

Society has shown you time and time again that logic and rational reasoning will always back up truth.

You had to explain your answers in college or you had to explain your thoughts to friends and family members.

For many empaths, you stopped sharing your ideas and opinions altogether because you grew tired of trying to explain yourself.

How has prioritizing logic over intuition negatively affected you?

Anytime you’ve needed to make a major decision in your life or you felt called to shift and create change, but didn’t know which direction to go in, you've prioritized logic.

​You sat there, in your head, and let the thoughts and questions spiral through you.

Not knowing which decision to make ended up creating more questions in your mind, leading you to over-analysis paralysis.

How can you know which decision is the right one?

You need the logic to prove it’s the right one.

The problem is that logic is based on past experiences and although there are times to consider what seems logical, there are also times to tune into your intuition and your innate wisdom to feel how you are being called forwards.

For some people it’s their gut instinct, their inner knowing or their intuition, but no matter what it’s the internal compass guiding you on what’s best for your well-being in this moment.

Your intuition is not a thought in your mind, it’s a feeling or knowing in your body.

​When you spend most of your life living in your head trying to think your way to clarity, you become disconnected from your intuition and the innate wisdom that resides within you.

In The End What Does it All Mean?

You cannot continue in the way you’ve been living and your sensitive empathic heart needs more attention than you realize.

When you heal your feminine energy, the masculine energy you connect with feels more divine and purpose-driven.

Plus you will feel more fulfilled in living from your feminine nature as you allow the voice of your soul to emerge with your truth.

The structures of the masculine-dominated society are falling away and we are beginning to see a new era of harmony between masculine and feminine.

​When we allow space for both, we find unity and collaboration rather than division and separateness.

When we allow space for both, we find unity and collaboration rather than division and separateness.

Take your healing to the next level with this free workshop by joining my email community, ​Healing Your Wounded Feminine Energy. ​

This is only the beginning of your soul journey and I encourage you to continue contemplating on your energy and emotions as an empath soul and where you are feeling called to heal and learn.

One of my favorite places to connect with like-minded beings and empath souls is inside my virtual membership, ​The Soul Care Space.

Part of life’s journey is about better understanding who you are and who you came here to be, then feeling grounded in living as your authentic self.

Inside ​The Soul Care Space​ we are exploring through the theme of “I am: A Journey of Understanding and Expressing Your Spirit”.

If you feel ready to receive support and guidance in your own self-discovery then ​The Soul Care Space​ is for you. Join us inside this safe and sacred space.

Forever holding space on your spiritual journey,

Sydney Smith
Spiritual Mentor
Founder of Adventuring with Poseidon Wellness

​Learn more at

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