Insights From "The Sleeping Prophet"

Insights From "The Sleeping Prophet"

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

I don’t remember how I stumbled across the story of Edgar Cayce.

But a couple of years ago one thing led to another, and I found myself reading the book “There Is A River,” the biography of Edgar Cayce written by his friend Thomas Sugrue.

Sure, it was a fascinating story about a man now called the “Sleeping Prophet.”

And I was doing my best to read it from a balanced perspective.

​But even if I thought everything written about his “powers” was nonsense, I found his story riveting for a few reasons:

  • He seemed like a man out of place and time.
  • The conviction in his purpose had to be incredible to offer the courage necessary to lead that life - he lived in poverty and was publicly doubted often.
  • Regardless of whether he was channeling, faking, or delusional, his message is still inspiring people to this day.

This newsletter isn’t about convincing you that Edgar Cayce was a medium to a higher power.

I leave it up to you to do your research and come up with your conclusion.

Wherever his messages originated, they have been providing solace to those who believe in his gifts for 100 years.

An interesting story, for sure.

So who was Edgar Cayce, the “Father of Holistic Medicine?"

​In this newsletter:

  • I'll introduce Mr. Cayce
  • Share 3 timeless insights
  • Offer ideas to incorporate his philosophy into practice

Who was Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce was the oldest of 6 children, born to a poor farming family in rural Kentucky.

While playing in the woods as a child, he claims he was visited by a woman he didn't recognize.

She asked him what he wanted more than anything.

Edgar was scared but had always wanted to help sick children, so that is what he answered.

What followed were years marked by strange occurrences.

In adulthood, it was serendipitously realized that Edgar could diagnose ailments and describe their treatments - often treatments not used in the medical community - while under hypnosis.

​These hypnotic “readings” were done in person and remotely, but Edgar asserted he didn’t remember any of it once he woke up.

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Edgar seemed to take on a different tone of voice while under hypnosis and had a wealth of medical knowledge he didn’t appear to have once awake.

After realizing his gift had been taken advantage of - "clients" asking him about horse racing and investing in the stock market instead of their health- Edgar would only do readings in the presence of a trusted friend or family member who recorded them word for word.

In addition to giving thousands of medical readings, Edgar was also asked questions about the universe and our role in it.

His answers were shocking coming from a southern Sunday school teacher, even to himself.

Edgar Cayce’s story is much more compelling than I could summarize here and do it justice.

If you are interested in learning more, here is a brief video about Edgar's life from a Kentucky public television station (the music makes you feel like you're sitting in a high school classroom all over again!).

And here is a longer video with more detail, but I will warn you that this one is older (gives me film projector vibes!).

I chose it because it includes interviews with people who knew him.

​The video comes in 2 parts:

If you want to dive deeper, there are many books written about Cayce.

I read “There Is A River” because his family friend wrote it before Cayce's death, so it offers a more first-hand account.

So was Edgar Cayce a real medium, was he deceiving everyone, or was he taken advantage of by his family and friends?

I will leave you with your own opinion.

Whatever Cayce was, he left the world with lots of food for thought.

​Three of these insights I chose to highlight and investigate further.

3 Insights from Edgar Cayce

I struggled with what to title this section because, while Edgar was the messenger, he always claimed he was not the source.

​So keep that in mind as you read.

1. All is one:

Edgar often spoke about connectedness, and this was in the 30’s and 40’s, well before the New Age movement.

“The intent in relating to each and every individual should be to bring forth that best element in each, in ONENESS of purpose, in oneness of spirit, in oneness of mind, towards each and every one that you contact – for the individuals, in the final analysis, are one.”

​— Edgar Cayce

“The intent in relating to each and every individual should be to bring forth that best element in each, in ONENESS of purpose, in oneness of spirit, in oneness of mind, towards each and every one that you contact – for the individuals, in the final analysis, are one.”

We are singular, yet at the same time part of the larger body that is comprised of... everything.

One way to think of this is as a snowflake in a snowbank.

It’s distinct, but also part of something bigger.

And, that snowflake can change form into water or vapor.

​No matter what form it takes, it exists on its own and as part of a larger entity.

“Know yourself…to be yourself…and yet part of the whole."

​— Edgar Cayce

2. Evil exists - but maybe not in the way we think:

The idea of the nature of evil surfaced in some of Edgar’s channeled messages.

What he reported was that evil is not caused by a demon pulling the strings.

When it takes the form of hurting another person, this is due to misuse of free will.

Edgar described how we are all here to learn lessons that help our souls become dedicated to loving others - become one with the Creator, as he put it.

But, growth has to be our own choice.

That is the point of free will.

And it's a gift that can harm others if misused.

​From this perspective, here are some circumstances that could lead to evil:

  • Lack of balance - pushing something too far in life, extremes
  • Giving up - abandoning the idea of growing toward love because it can be hard
  • Reactivity - using our free will to choose violence, anger, or greed

“You grow to heaven. You don’t go to heaven.”

​— Edgar Cayce

3. Life is purposeful.

In his readings, Cayce explained that each person is here to play a specific part.

This purpose may be something big, or it could be a skill that you offer the world.

But, it could be less tangible - a way of being or how you treat others.

Regardless, Edgar didn’t think our purpose was something we should wait around for until it fell into our lap.

​He urged everyone to spend their lifetime seeking it.

“All souls were created in the beginning and are finding their way back to whence they came.”

​— Edgar Cayce

4. BONUS INSIGHT: Sound is important.

This is an idea that I had already been obsessed with for a while.

So when I saw that Edgar mentioned it frequently in his readings…well, you can imagine.

One way he described sound is as a tool for healing: “Sound is the medicine of the future.” - Edgar Cayce

He described medical ways that vibration could bring greater wellness - use of specific colors, chanting, music.

And now science is confirming the connection.

In 2022, ​scientists from RMIT University​ used sound to turn stem cells into bone tissue.

And it's only one study in a sea of research linking vibration to healing.

It seems Edgar (and many ancient cultures) were on to something.

He even reported that places had distinct vibrations - something many of us have sensed on our own.

​“Cayce stated that each area (town, state, country) makes its own vibrations through the actions and activities that happen there. He also stated that each person 'radiates that vibration to which they attune themselves.'” - Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E

How can we take this further?

No matter their origin, Edgar’s insights have been inspiring people all over the world for generations.

​If these messages resonate with you, here are ideas for how the philosophy he shared can be woven into life.

1. Make lifelong personal growth a priority.

There are so many ways to go about this, but the tool may not matter as much as the personal reflection that comes from it.

Any form of introspection that you feel comfortable doing is a great place to begin - courses, journaling, meditation, finding a coach, therapy, etc.

Simply being aware is a huge step.

2. Investigate your purpose-what lights you up?

If you believe you are here with a purpose, the first and biggest step may be just starting to look for it.

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. website offers these questions to get you started:

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • When in my life do I feel a sense of wonder?
  • In what ways do I feel called to be of service to others?
  • When do I feel closest to the higher power?

My newsletter wouldn't be complete if I didn't use astrology as a tool for this as well! :)

The first place I would look for purpose in a natal chart is the Sun.

  • What is the Sun’s house and what kinds of activities might your soul be craving and pushing you toward?
  • Which “costume” is your Sun wearing? What style does it prefer when working toward your purpose? These are the characteristics of your Sun's sign.
  • Who is in your Sun’s network? These are the planets your Sun is in aspect with. Regardless of the type of aspect, hard or soft, these planets play a role. They need to be integrated into this purpose. What motivations and parts of life do these planets add?

3. Try sound meditation.

If you’re going for a big experience, find a place that offers sound baths and see how you feel afterward.

Not ready to take that leap yet?

Dip your toe in by listening to ​sound bath meditations on YouTube​.

These don't offer the same benefits because the sound waves are only entering through your ears (if using headphones).

In a sound bath, the waves move through your entire body.

But, I still find them to be quite relaxing.

It is also a way to gauge whether a real sound bath is something you might love or hate.

The next step up is to get an instrument to incorporate into your meditation or relaxation time.

Sound bowls, gongs, chimes, rain sticks, whatever suits your fancy.

Or, try chanting.

So many possibilities!

If you want to learn more about Edgar Cayce, ​visit the A.R.E. website here.​

​Much love,

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