Massively Manifest With This ONE Shift

Massively Manifest With This ONE Shift

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

I am honored to feature Janis R. Cohen, the Intuitive Therapist, this week. She is here to teach us the real deal when it comes to manifestation and living the life we want.

Janis R. Cohen, LCSW is an internationally recognized, 31 year master therapist, clairvoyant, empath and psychic medium, author, digital program creator, podcast host and speaker. She specializes in working with women who want to feel more confident with their empathic, intuitive and psychic gifts.

Why is it that some people manifest easily and call in whatever they want, while most don’t?

What is it that they’ve figured out that everyone else hasn’t?

If you’ve struggled to manifest the things you desire, than you’ll want to keep reading.

We have all heard of the movie the Secret. And, what’s interesting about that movie is that it tells you the “what” but not the how.

Meaning, it seems like you are learning manifestation strategies, but in reality, you’re being given a 30,000 foot view of what manifestation is.

So while many of us “intellectually know” the concepts of manifesting what we want in our lives…use affirmations, visualize success etc, few of us truly “understand” the true nature of real manifestation.

But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this article alone will cure all of your manifestation challenges.

You’ll also need other components that aid in quickening the process.

I am going to reveal the truest and most impactful shift you can make to absolutely get into massive manifestation mode on a regular basis.

But, I warn you…it’s got nothing to do with all of the things you’ve heard across the internet…it’s deeper. MUCH deeper.

The truth about our desire to manifest things- cars, relationships, homes, money, fame, notoriety, has nothing to do with acquiring “the things”. Sure, it’s really nice to have all of those materialistic indulgences, but the “things” aren’t truly what we are pursuing.

Manifesting is a means to an end.

Most people experience a surge of energy inside their bodies when they get something new that they’ve wanted. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s really satisfying.

But…it’s NOT the acquisition of the actual item that causes the surge of energy. It’s something else entirely.

You see, humans don’t pursue “things”. Things don’t hold value unless we assign them a value. They are just things.

Let me give you an example. Money, for instance. While it is true that money makes the world go round, money, the actual physical dollar or coin, holds no value.

As humans, we assign a value or worth to things. How much money someone has or doesn’t have comes down to numbers, not metal or paper. And, furthermore, numbers, in and of themselves, hold no value; except for the value we give them.

So, if you put a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper, all you would have is…numbers on a piece of paper. If you decide that these numbers are the numbers in your bank account, and you assign a value to how much or how little you have “in the bank”, then the numbers take on a meaning…a value and then you might develop an ‘identity’ around how many numbers are in your bank account.

That said, because we don’t pursue the acquisition of things to simply have more things, there’s got to be a real reason why we want to manifest more of some things and less of other things.

​Anyone who has a desire to manifest anything is really chasing something that isn’t tangible. And, that intangible thing is a desired FEELING that having those things gives us.

Anyone who has a desire to manifest anything is really chasing something that isn’t tangible. And, that intangible thing is a desired FEELING that having those things gives us.

When we really want to manifest something we are anticipating how it will make us feel when we get it. Right? That new car will make us feel excited. That new pair of shoes will make us feel sexy. That big check will make us feel safe.

What does having the things you desire give you? Significance? Safety? Love and connection?, Growth? Freedom? Joy?

Understanding why you want what you want is a first step to manifesting more quickly. Because when you can tap into that desired feeling state before you the physical manifestation of it shows up, you’ve changed the game for yourself.

And, if you can get clear on the emotional state you desire, and produce it at will by actually feeling it (without needing any external elements), then your manifestation game just got upgraded to first class.

When we do THAT consistently, is when those desired “things” finally come to us.

When you decide that something is yours and you focus on it with unwavering faith, that is when the manifestation wheels go in motion.

And, in all honesty, don’t we all truly want to master our emotions? I mean, I sure as heck want to feel valuable, important, worthy, deserving, freedom, and joy as much as I can!

It’s the emotional mastery that we are after. And in all honesty, I don’t know anyone who desires to be pissed off, anxious, scared, contemptuous, or any other low grade negative feeling on a regular basis.

Show me ONE person who is truly happy being angry.

You can’t. No one can be truly happy when they harbor angst, anger, sadness or any other heavy lower energy feeling.

But, if you were to ask every single person on this planet, what feeling they most desired…beneath the feelings of joy and happiness, they would ALL say, “freedom”. We all want to feel free from stress, pain, grief, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, and insecurity.

It’s freedom from the unwanted feelings that we chase, not the things.

Now, before learning how to manifest more and better, you’ve first got to get REALLY stinking good at NOT taking for granted what you already have.

Often the path to feeling what we desire is widely available to us; you just haven’t chosen to walk down that path- yet.

My experience is that the MORE aware we become of our sense and the more we become capable of being present in the moment, the more life become a rich experience worth living.

When we are SO in love with the now, we offer zero resistance to the thing coming. And when it does come in, it comes in at lightning speed.

The letting go process that everyone TALKS about but doesn’t TEACH about is this…AND, it is NOT a thinking process.

​The letting go process is simply this: get back in to your body and the fullness of the present moment….over and over and over again….staying constantly present….appreciating every single thing you can.

But NOT superficially. REALLY feel the gratitude for what you already have!

REALLY feel the gratitude for what you already have!

  • Eyes to see
  • ears to hear
  • legs to walk
  • a brain that’s clear
  • family and friends who love you
  • a car to drive
  • money to pay bills
  • a computer to work on
  • electricity
  • air conditioning
  • a comfortable bed
  • your health
  • a desire to grow
  • the sun
  • the moon
  • a beautiful day
  • the emotional pain
  • the physical pain that lives along a spectrum (it could be worse, right?)

…I think you get the picture.

Every morning I say this before I get out of bed, “Thank you God for returning my soul back to me with compassion. Abundant is your faithfulness.”

That means God gave me one more day to do better, be better and to learn how to follow my guidance.

How lucky are we all to get ONE MORE DAY???

How lucky do you feel to get ONE MORE DAY here on earth- to get better at being you?

​Now, the single most important shift you need to make, in addition to truly feeling grateful, is to create a sense of safety in your life.

Now, the single most important shift you need to make, in addition to truly feeling grateful, is to create a sense of safety in your life.

This is the thing that almost NO ONE talks about because, like manifestation, it’s easier to talk about the 30, 000 foot view, then to talk about what makes up the foundation of it all.

But, I’m going to teach you how to create safety.

And, it all comes down to identity work.

When we feel safe we have certainty.

Certainty of our faith, our goals, our values, our desires and MOST importantly, certainty about WHO YOU ARE.

Do you see yourself as the kind of person who gets to have what you want? Do you LOVE who you are?

Are you at peace with your inner child? Does your inner child trust you completely?

Once a belief is exclusive to an identity, it becomes INEVITABLE to attract what correlates to that identity. If you have an identity that you’re a loser, well, you’ll attract people and experiences that reinforce that identity belief.

The opposite is also true. Believe you’re powerful and amazing; a winner, and you’ll call experiences and people in to reinforce that identity.

Identity work first and all else will follow.

Now, this concept of safety that I’m talking about.

You MUST learn how to cultivate a sense of safety and freedom inside YOURSELF…independently of what’s going on or happening outside of you….

​THIS is the freedom that people truly seek…to live in such a way that you are truly unaffected by what happens outside of you because you KNOW more about how the Universe operates.

  • Because you KNOW that the Universe supports everything that you dominantly vibrate with.
  • ​​Because you KNOW that everything is energy and that energetic alignment is KEY when we strive to do, be and have more.
  • Because you KNOW that true freedom means that you are unattached to ANY outcome and that everything outside of you is just feedback about how you are living your life…

And you KNOW that anything anyone else does is a reflection of who they are and where they are in their lives and is NOT a reflection of who you are….unless you become emotionally (negatively) triggered by them.

​Get so clear in who you are, ALL facets, so that when you manifest, you already KNOW that it’s yours.

  • ​​Because you KNOW that you believe that the Universe is always conspiring in your favor.
  • ​​Because you KNOW that you don’t exist separately from anything!
  • Because you KNOW that when you feel safe and certain about ANYTHING, NO ONE and NOTHING can take that sense of certainty and safety away from you.

Things? Yes, those can be taken away from you.

But NOT your belief in who you are.

NOT what you feel and know.

So, get clear on you…..get certain about yourself and your life….and create safety by establishing a belief in the Universal love and support that you would laugh outrageously if you DIDN”T get what you said you wanted.

BE THAT F*CKING sure of yourself and see what happens.

Stay in the here and now….always getting back to the present….breathe deeply often, connect with your body that sits in that chair that is listening to this.

FEEL what it feels like to listen….

FEEL what if feels like to have the seat support you.

FEEL what it feels like to think your thoughts.

FEEL what it feels like to be so dang grateful for THIS moment and everything you can get your eyes and ears around to be grateful for that you are overflowing with LOVE for the Universe and your life and watch what happens.

Everything you want….the freedom you seek…is on the other side of uncertainty.

So get to gratituding!

Lean into presence and your breath.

And, get so clear about yourself and so in love with the now that you live each moment like you do when you order from Amazon....see what you want, click the button and “fuhgetabout it”….cause you KNOW it’s on its way to you.

-Janis R. Cohen, Intuitive Therapist

​Want to learn more about how you can work with Janis to foster your own gifts and navigate energetic overwhelm? Click here to learn more!

Learn more about Janis:

Janis R. Cohen, LCSW is an internationally recognized, 31 year master therapist, clairvoyant, empath and psychic medium, author, digital program creator, podcast host and speaker.

She specializes in working with women who want to feel more confident with their empathic, intuitive and psychic gifts. She helps them tap into, develop, and use their divine gifts to create lives and businesses they love.

The 2016 release of her book, The Intuitive Therapist, is read by therapists, coaches and counselors who want to accelerate and empower their clinical practice with the wisdom of their intuition and lay people.

​In 2017, Janis launched her podcast, The Intuitive Therapist Podcast, and has listeners from around the globe. Janis’s second book, Your Personal Revolution, will be published in late 2024. Janis lives with her husband, dog and cat in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

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