Shine YOUR Light

Shine YOUR Light

Monday, June 24, 2024

Why were each of us born with different strengths and a distinct personality?

Have you ever wondered that?

We are all born with our own unique light.

And much of it accompanies us into this life from birth.

Evolution guides each species to function as successfully as possible in its environment.

​So if it weren’t important for us to have our individual gifts and traits, why would we have them?

If we could survive better with little variety in temperament and abilities - clones of one another in that way - evolution would have sorted that out by now.

We wouldn’t have it if we didn’t need it.

Just like we don’t have tails or fur because they are no longer necessary for our survival.

But we do have color vision because it gives us an edge.

And that is only thinking about this question scientifically.

Spirituality adds a much deeper complexity.

Where does our essence come from and why is each unique?

Are our strengths and personality gifts from the divine?

Something we should regard with reverence?

I don’t have answers to those questions, but I do believe that shining our own light in the world serves a purpose, even if we don’t fully understand why.

Honoring our authentic self is important in the bigger picture somehow.

And if that is true, then valuing it in others is also vital.

The world needs everyone’s light.

​In this newsletter I’m going to dive into:

  • What it even means to “shine your light”
  • Why it can be hard to do
  • Why it’s important
  • How you can shine your light brighter
  • What our natal charts say about this

What It Means to “Shine Your Light”

Shining your light could mean different things to different people - here’s what it means to me.

It means fostering, expressing, and honoring who you are.

That statement seems like a paradox - aren’t we all being someone all the time?

But I’m talking about embracing the most authentic version of yourself.

One that aligns with your natural essence and that brings you the most joy.

When we celebrate and embody this version of ourselves, we seem to shine brighter.

​Other people even sense this and react accordingly:

  • More people smile or look at you
  • Strangers may be drawn to you
  • People’s moods seem uplifted just by being in your presence
  • Family and friends comment that you’re glowing (or something similar)
  • Everywhere you go, people seem friendly

My family laughs at me because when I’m in my “happy place,” being myself and loving life, strangers often approach me.

I know I’m not the only one this happens to.

You can probably think of examples of this in your own life.

For me, it can be simple things like asking me a question or sharing a kind word.

Sometimes it’s things that are totally out of the ordinary.

But in those moments, my soul is welcoming.

It’s like when you’re vibing high, you become some kind of beacon.

Maybe we give off a different energy than we do otherwise.

Could this be because in those moments - when we’re shining our light - we’re closer to the divine?

​Can others feel that divine love emanating from us?

“In the midst of darkness, light persists.”
​— Mahatma Gandhi

So “shining your light” isn’t the easiest thing to pin down or define.

It’s one of those things we don’t totally understand, yet it’s a universal feeling.

​I’ll try my best to describe it:

  • It means being our authentic selves.
  • It means following our intuition and listening to our soul rather than the narratives we have absorbed over the years.
  • It means dropping the fear of being ourselves.
  • It means not altering ourselves to please others.
  • It means using our strengths and gifts, even if they aren’t perfect, practical, or make money.
  • It means digging out as much peace and serenity in our hearts as we can find.
  • It means spreading love in the world.

Shining our light is honoring and expressing the most authentic and joy-filled version of ourselves.

And the world needs it.

 Why We Dim Our Light

Shining our light in the world sounds like a simple thing to do.

But simple and easy aren’t the same thing.

I struggle with this - it’s a lifelong process for me.

There are barriers, things that work to hide our light under the proverbial basket.

Here are some reasons we may dim our light rather than shining it bright:

  • Others may prefer us to conceal our light because of their own brokenness or pain.
  • We may be conditioned to hide parts of ourselves away because they aren’t practical, “useful” or align with family or social norms.
  • Because of our own pain, we may tell ourselves lies about what we deserve or don’t deserve.

Not everyone will be open to our light for a lot of different reasons.

None of these reasons have anything to do with us, however.

Why would anyone be annoyed or put off by someone else’s joy, passion, or kindness?

They may be in such a dark place that our light feels uncomfortable.

It isn’t our job to adjust to that.

That part is their work, not ours.

​But by doing our best at “vibing high,” staying true to ourselves, keeping love in our heart, we're doing our part to help indirectly.

“The more light you allow within you the brighter the world you live in will be.”

​— Shakti Gawain

Why You Need to Shine

How many world-changing people have been hated for shining their light brightly - shining it for themselves or even for the benefit of others?

Imagine what it would be like if they hadn’t.

Embracing and expressing this real, blissful, and radiant version of ourselves is important for many reasons:

  • Living with less regret and fear
  • Adding positivity and love to the world
  • Unleashing more joy and passion in our lives
  • Attracting people and opportunities
  • Loving and being true to ourselves more
  • Inspiring people to love and honor themselves more
  • Shining a light for others when they need it the most - often without realizing it

The world needs your special type of light for a reason.

I came across this quote from author Edith Wharton:

​“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

​— Edith Wharton

-Be a candle - shine what you have inside, this inspires others and spreads good energy.

-Be a mirror - reflect the good in others, benefiting them and amplifying their energy.

This got me thinking.

We can use our light to help illuminate the world in many ways.

  • Lighthouse - help others find their way
  • Flashlight - help ourselves find our way
  • Sun - energize others
  • Moon - inspire and nurture
  • Bioluminescence - attract people to you
  • Headlights - keep you going in the right direction

I couldn’t help myself and may have taken that list a BIT too far, but you get the idea.

And your light doesn’t have to be perfect or complete to shine.

Even a birthday candle brightens a dark room.

This isn’t about striving for perfection.

​It’s about loving ourselves and loving others in the best capacity we can in this moment.

How to Shine Your Light Brighter?

There is no instruction manual for how to “shine your light brighter” and for good reason.

This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Our own unique light has to be fostered in its own way.

And our connection with the spirit is equally personal as well.

But I wanted to offer something remotely helpful, so here is what I came up with.

One approach is to simply ask ourselves some questions.

Reflecting inward can go a long way toward greater self-awareness.


  • Where have you been holding yourself back?
  • Your intuition calls to you, how well are you listening?
  • In what ways is your desire for perfection or feelings of imposter syndrome or inadequacy keeping you from shining your light?
  • What would you want to do if you weren’t scared of failure or embarrassment?
  • What do you do that makes you feel really good but that you aren’t doing enough? Maybe because it makes no money or doesn’t seem like “a big deal.”
  • What talent are you not leaning into or honoring in yourself enough?
  • Where are you seeking approval from others instead of trusting yourself?
  • In what areas are you hiding yourself away from attention?
  • How are you imprisoning yourself in “practicalities”?
  • What did you love doing as a kid that you left behind - but would still actually enjoy?
  • What synchronicities have you been ignoring because you haven’t felt ready or worthy?
  • What have you been stuffing down in your “hurt hole” for a long time? How can you begin to heal that space?
  • In your day-to-day, are there any people you can think of that you could treat with more love or kindness? (as long as your boundaries are respected)
  • Who should you have more patience with? (as long as your boundaries are respected)

“Your work is to discover who you are and then with all your heart give your light to the world.”

​— Jennifer Williamson

If you're both comfortable with it, one simple way to start spreading your light is by being more open with people about nice things you think about them.


  • Wow, you are always so quick in getting me my coffee, thank you.
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say that I have been impressed with your positive attitude lately and it has inspired me.
  • I was just thinking about how good of a friend you have been to me and how you've always been there for me. Thank you.

This can feel weird at first, but you never know when you are "being asked" to light someone up - and it can ripple.

Even if they didn’t act like they needed to hear it, you never know how it may have actually affected them on the inside.

Another idea is using empathy and being a good listener without trying to fix or downplay someone’s feelings.

​Simply holding space for them to share spreads the love and helps pull them from a darker place.

Your Light & Your Natal Chart

What does our natal chart have to say about all of this?

Is the concept of “shining your light” something that your chart can offer clues about?


If looking for ideas in a chart about how someone can glow from the inside out, here are four places I would look:

1. The 5th House: This is the House of Children, but could also be thought of as the House of Joy or the House of Self-Expression.

Planets in your 5th House and the sign it lands in can offer clues about what kinds of fun, playful activities could bring pure, childlike joy to your soul.

Also, it may point to ways that you need to share your gifts with others.

What do you have inside that you need to express outwardly?

2. The sign of Leo: If I had to pick one sign that screamed “shine your light,” it’s Leo.

This sign has a need to take its creative gifts and illuminate the world with them.

And that magnetic quality we talked about earlier in the article - where people are drawn to you - this comes naturally to this archetype.

Any planets you find in Leo point to parts of you that need to show up in the world in a big way.

They want to dazzle and inspire others.

​The house that falls in Leo also offers clues about what parts of life this need to shine may influence.

3. The Sun: This is the bright beacon in your chart.

All other planets reflect the Sun’s light, and this concept is symbolized in your natal chart as well.

Leo and the 5th House are both ruled by the Sun, but can have a more outward energy - a need to shine for others to see.

The Sun, however, can represent what lights YOU up.

Wherever the Sun sits in your chart points to ways you can feel a sense of vitality.

Embodying your Sun could feel like “being yourself.”

4. Uranus: One other planet that may not be as obvious, but I feel could be important when it comes to shining your unique light, is Uranus.

Uranus is the planet that asks us to be authentic - brave enough to be ourselves no matter what other people think.

Wherever Uranus sits in our chart points to a place where our soul needs to be true to itself.

This is something to check-in with yourself about.

In what areas of life (house) is Uranus asking me to do things my own way, even if others don’t “get it”?

What kind of style (sign) does Uranus prefer I do that in?

Uranus can reveal areas in life where we may naturally struggle to be ourselves - but also a place where it’s important to be.

The world needs your light.

That’s why you have it.

So don't hide it.

​Share it loud and share it proud.

Love You → Love Others

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