Sign Series: Aquarius

Sign Series: Aquarius

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

“I don’t have anything big in Aquarius, this newsletter isn’t for me.”

Think again!

We all have Aquarius in our charts, which means we all have Aquarius expressed somewhere in our lives.

Where we all fall in that Aquarius spectrum is individual for each of us, of course, but we are all on it somewhere.

​In this newsletter you are going to:

  • Find Aquarius in your chart and see what it is influencing
  • Learn how to get the best from your Aquarius
  • Think about how to avoid Aquarius pitfalls

Who is Aquarius?

Aquarius is a character, a costume, a style, a set of tools, there are many ways to think about the signs of the Zodiac.

Choose the one that you like best.

If I had to boil this sign down into one word, it is authenticity.

Aquarius is authentic.

It is authentic in thinking, in ideals, in rights, and in choices.

Its archetype is the Rebel, the Revolutionary, the Independent, and the Nonconformer.

Also, the Outcast, and the Emotionally Detached.

Like every sign, it’s complicated.

The constellation of Aquarius is the “water bearer,” which lends itself to its symbol, ♒︎.

Here are the details that combine to make Aquarius the sign that we all know and love:

-Ruled by Uranus (modern): the planet of individuality and authenticity.

-Air Element: runs of logic and analytical thinking

-Fixed Modality: steady and persistent

​-Positive Polarity: outwardly expressive

What is vital to know about Aquarius?

The key to understanding Aquarius is to know what it desires.

Aquarius wants freedom.

It needs to create its own set of ideals - and it also must live by them.

This sign requires the freedom to exist on its own terms.

So how could it do that?

​Here are ways that Aquarius can achieve its goal of living free from the burden of conformity:

  • Rebelling against tradition
  • Bucking social norms
  • Having its own ideas rather than believing what it is told

Wouldn’t it be helpful if this sign came with a toolbox full of tools for this?

​Aquarius’ tools:

  • Self-reliance
  • Incredible inner-strength
  • Loads of logic and reasoning skills

“The Aquarian endpoint? The flawless, uncompromising expression of self. Individuality perfected.”

​Stephen Forrest

There are byproducts of using these tools.

​They shine through as Aquarian traits, and as you will see, are the natural results of Aquarius "doing its job."

  • Stubbornness - Aquarius’ job is to be an agent of change. There will be pressure to conform from all sides. Stubbornness is necessary to help Aquarius swim against a sometimes treacherous stream.
  • Detachment - Choosing an authentic path over society's (or your family’s) expectations can lead to rejection. How could Aquarius maneuver this incredible pain if it were as sensitive as a water sign? Aquarius has to be able to pull away from feelings and lean on logic when necessary to emotionally survive.
  • Eccentric - This Aquarian trait exists only in the eye of the beholder and within context. It only appears eccentric because society hasn’t caught up yet. What is perfectly normal now could have been grounds for shunning or worse 100 years ago. Aquarian energy ushers in the future.
  • Questions Everything - Tradition and preconceived notions mean nothing to this sign. You can’t think differently if you don’t question the “autopilot” programming of social conditioning.
  • Sense of Equality - Logic drives Aquarius. So in Aquarius’ mind, if it has access to “x”, everyone should also have access to “x”. It sees no logical reason that it would deserve something and someone else doesn’t - it can’t reason that out.
  • Loyal - Once it has found its “people” who allow Aquarius to be itself or who also align with its ideals, there is no logical reason to abandon them. And Aquarius will use its incredible inner strength to stand by them if things get tough.
  • Strong Boundaries - When letting someone into their lives, Aquarius always has to ask, “How much will I allow this person’s expectations of me to influence my behavior?” And with Aquarius, the answer might be not much!
  • Great Ideas - Writing about Aquarius reminded me of the newsletter I recently wrote about the ​Flow State​. Specifically, how when the prefrontal cortex goes “offline,” the judgey, micro-managing part of the brain takes a backseat. 

    The other parts of the brain then communicate freely without worrying about getting the “approval” of the sometimes disapproving prefrontal cortex. When this happens, the stage is set for brilliance. 

    I am not saying that the sign of Aquarius has anything to do with the ​Flow State​. But there are parallels - when the judgment of society and “how it will look to others” is silenced, that can be the breeding ground for genius, world-changing ideas.

But what can all of this look like when taken too far?

Every Zodiac sign exists on a spectrum.

And, each has the potential to “take things too far," trying to achieve its desires in a way that is unfortunate or unhealthy.

All signs have weaknesses, but it’s easier to understand them (and give them grace) once you realize why they do what they do.

Aquarius’ potential pitfalls:

  • Resisting conformity to the point that it is more about the “running away from the norms” than it is about the ideals.
  • Arrogance toward others simply for being more traditional or conventional.
  • Complete emotional detachment where it becomes hard to identify with how others feel.

Of course, there is another possibility on that Aquarius spectrum: conforming because it's too painful to face the consequences.

Sometimes the challenges Aquarius faces can feel too great.

​When this sign goes against its ideals it may retain relationships, but it dims its own light in the process.


You may be wondering why I am referring to Aquarius as an “it” instead of a “they” most of the time.

This is because I am not describing a person here.

No one is this person.

What I am describing is a pure archetype - a character that exists in mythology and astrology.

Even the most Aquarian of Aquarians is still complex combination of many other archetypes.

It’s important to remember this because in astrology we can fall into the trap of categorization - labeling people as one Zodiac sign - which is dehumanizing.

Signs aren’t humans and when we try to fit someone into the small box of a sign it is doing them a disservice, something I am trying to be careful not to do.

Disclaimer Over

So everyone has at least a hint of Aquarius somewhere in their psyche.

​It is just a question of where and how much.

Where Aquarius is in your life

Even if you don’t have strong Aquarius placements - which we will determine further down in this newsletter - understanding what Aquarius influences offers good information like:

  • Where in life you need to trust yourself and develop your authenticity
  • Seeing where you may encounter social pressures to conform
  • Understanding where Aquarian pitfalls could be stumbled upon

How strong is your Aquarius?

One of the first questions that is semi-easy to answer is, how strong is Aquarius in your chart.

​Please remember that astrology is complex and this list is a blunt tool for determining “sign strength,” but it’s a good start.

  • Your Sun, Moon, or 1st House (your rising sign) in Aquarius: Any of these would make your chart scream “strong Aquarius.” Find more than one in Aquarius and you can consider this sign “extra-strength!”
  • Other planets in Aquarius: Where there are planets there is energy working through the style of this sign. Some part of your psyche is shaped by Aquarius. *Find Uranus or multiple planets there and this ups the ante for Aquarius strength in your chart.
  • No planets are present, but houses 4, 7, or 10 land in Aquarius: These angular houses can be very influential. Aquarius on those houses may still be quite evident even with no planets sitting in them.
  • No planets present and any house besides 1, 4, 7, or 10 lands in Aquarius: Houses are shaped by the sign that its cusp, or boundary line, lands in. With Aquarius on a house cusp, “Aquarius energy” may be present or felt in those areas of life.
  • Aquarius lands between two houses and no house cusps land in it at all: This is an “intercepted sign.” “Aquarius style” may not be strongly felt or may be present more internally than externally.

Now you have an idea of how strong this sign is in your chart.

From here it becomes a “choose your own adventure.”

​There are more details to add to Aquarius’ story, and each person’s will be different.

“Though it is an intensely freedom-loving sign, the freedom it loves is the freedom to change all of society to what it thinks society should be.”

​-Robert Hand

What is my Aquarius Story?

This is where the story is going to take a different turn for each of us.

  • ​If you have a planet in Aquarius: Planets have their own agendas to add to the mix. Investigate how that planet could be shaped by the sign of Aquarius. For help on that question, find more information here.​​
  • For everyone, learn about the house that Aquarius falls in: How does this airy sign shape the experiences you may have with that house? Learn more about that here. (Enjoy my terrible green screen - hahaha!!)
  • Also if you have a planet in Aquarius: How could the motivations of that planet could work through that house, AND the style of Aquarius? Get creative here! It takes some brainstorming and the use of your imagination.

Once you have gathered information about what in your chart (and life) Aquarius is shaping, you are ready to do some introspection.

What can I learn from my Aquarius?

One great way to think deeper about something is through journal prompts.

​Here are some to help you dissect the Aquarius in your life so you can learn more about how you may experience this sign.

  • ​How “strong” is Aquarius in my chart? Did this surprise me or not?
  • What house lands in Aquarius in my chart?
  • Which areas of life does Aquarius influence in my chart? Learn more here.
  • Do I feel Aquarius’ influence at work in those areas of my life in any way? If so, how?
  • Are there any of Aquarius’ traits that shine through me in those parts of my life?
  • Do I sense any of Aquarius’ pitfalls at play in those areas of life?​​
  • Is there an area in my life where I am not my authentic self?
  • When I am “going against the grain” of my society or my family, what does that feel like?
  • If I could live any way I wanted to, despite what society thought, what would I be doing differently than I am now?
  • Would I say that I feel free? In what ways?
  • What was one time when I was brave and stood up for what I believed in even though others didn’t agree with me?

How do I keep Aquarius happy?

You have swam through deep Aquarius waters at this point and investigated how you experience this energy.

If you want to develop and embrace your Aquarius further, how could you begin?

​Ideas to keep your Aquarius happy:

  • Ask questions. Step out of yourself for a moment and look at the way you dress, believe, think, live, work, etc. Simply question why you do them. If you really aren’t sure how you “got there”, investigate further.
  • Set boundaries. Think about who in your life should be allowed to exert influence over you and in what ways. Define your boundaries and check in with them often.
  • Get into the flow. Give your mind the freedom to roam without fear of judgment. ​Visit our recent article on the flow state to learn more.​
  • Find allies. Think about your ideals. What groups or organizations share them? Get involved.

How do I avoid Aquarius' pitfalls?

Aquarius is a fantastic sign that can be a lightning bolt in the dark.

But if you have strong Aquarius placements in your chart, how do you steer clear of some of Aquarius' not-so-fun tendencies?

Ideas to avoid Aquarius' pitfalls:

  • Check-yourself when it comes to the emotions of the people in your life. Even if it can feel hard, they will need their feelings validated. Not sure if you're doing that? Ask!
  • If others aren't trying to shove their opinions down your throat, you may be able to let your guard down. Are you?
  • Don't make enemies where no enemies lie. Just because someone doesn't outwardly shout their ideals doesn't mean that they disagree with yours.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

​Eleanor Roosevelt

Wish you could easily print out an Aquarius cheat sheet with all of Aquarius’ stats and journal prompts?

But wait…you can!

Click here​ to download the Aquarius Sign Series companion cheat sheet and journal prompts printout that goes along with this newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Aquarius in your chart!

​Much love,

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