Sign Series: Gemini

Sign Series: Gemini

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

“I don’t have anything big in Gemini, this newsletter isn’t for me.”

Think again!

We all have Gemini in our charts, which means we all have Gemini expressed somewhere in our lives.

Where we fall in the Gemini spectrum is individual for each of us, of course.

​In this newsletter you are going to:

  • Find Gemini in your chart and see what it is influencing
  • Learn how to get the best from your Gemini
  • Think about how to avoid Gemini pitfalls

Who is Gemini?

Each sign of the Zodiac, including Gemini, describes a specific character, style, and set of tools.

If I had to boil Gemini's style down into one word, it would be curiosity.

Gemini is curiosity.

Its archetype is the Storyteller, Teacher, Witness to the World, and the Messenger.

Also, the Slick Liar, Blatherer, Gossip, and Anxious Overthinker.

Like every sign, it’s complicated.

The constellation of Gemini contains two very bright stars, Castor and Pollux, which are also the names of a set of twins in Greek mythology.

This twin concept gave Gemini its symbol ♊︎, and lends itself to Gemini’s “dual nature.”

Meaning Gemini is a social chameleon.

It can adapt itself - “fit in” and blend with its surroundings and the people it is talking to.

When it comes up against an obstacle, it fluidly skirts around it rather than jumping over it or pick-axing through it.

Change when needed - this is one of Gemini’s mantras.

Here are the components that make Gemini the sign we all know and love:

-Ruled by Mercury: the planet of communication and thinking

-Air Element: runs on logic and analytical thinking

-Mutable Modality: flexible and embraces change

​-Positive Polarity: outwardly expressive

What is vital to know about Gemini?

The key to understanding Zodiac signs is knowing what the sign desires most.

Gemini wants to know all the things.

This sign wants to hunt down and take in all of the information it can from as many sources as possible.

It wants to stash it all away in its mind so that it can access it later as needed.

But how?

Ways that Gemini can achieve its goal of learning as much as possible:

  • Reading books, magazines, things online, whatever it can get its hands on
  • Listening to or watching podcasts or videos
  • Getting educated through coursework
  • Talking to others and learning what they know
  • Observing things and how they work
  • Teaching others what it has learned - such a great way to retain information

“…That exact willingness to learn, that openness to the unexpected, that sense that whatever I see, the truth is more than that.”

​— Stephen Forrest

So Gemini wants to know ALL the things.

And like every sign, Gemini comes with a set of tools to help it achieve its goals.

Gemini’s tools:

  • Endless curiosity to feed its brain
  • Social skills so it can find people willing to talk
  • Adept at storytelling so others want to listen
  • A fast mind that can take it all in
  • The capacity to store and remember the details
  • Logical mind that doesn’t waste energy mixing emotion into what it learns

This is what makes Gemini tick and the skills it employs in the process.

The byproducts of Gemini using those tools shine through as traits - Gemini's style:

  • Restless, hates boredom
  • Always in motion
  • Asks a lot of questions
  • Strikes up conversations with anyone and everyone
  • Popular
  • Great at thinking on its feet
  • Can be quite convincing

But what does this look like when taken too far?

Every Zodiac sign has a spectrum.

One end is the healthiest possible expression of the sign - the other is the shadow where traits turn into unhealthy behaviors.

Gemini has some potential pitfalls:

  • Overthinking and a mind that never settles
  • Too much activity and trouble relaxing
  • Talking more than is appropriate for the situation
  • Interrupting
  • Thinking that jumps around and can’t focus
  • Moving from one thing to the next without finishing anything
  • Curious about things that are none of its business
  • Using its intellect to convince others of things that aren’t exactly true

All signs have weaknesses.

​It’s easier to understand them (and give them grace) when you can connect the dots to see why they may emerge.


You may be wondering why I am referring to Gemini as an “it” instead of a “they.”

This is because I am not describing a person.

No one is this person.

What I am describing is a pure archetype - a character that exists in mythology and astrology.

Even the most Gemini of Geminis is a complex combination of many archetypes.

It’s important to remember this because in astrology we can fall into the trap of categorization - labeling and seeing people as one Zodiac sign.

We can even do this to ourselves.

But, signs aren’t humans, and when we try to fit someone into that small of a box it is doing them a disservice.

Disclaimer Over

So everyone has at least a hint of Gemini somewhere in their psyche.

​The question is, where and how much?

Where Gemini is in your life

Investigating Gemini in your chart offers helpful information like:

  • Where in life you can harness natural curiosity
  • Where you can challenge yourself intellectually
  • Giving a heads up about where Gemini pitfalls could be present

How strong is your Gemini?

The first question is, how strong is Gemini in your chart?

​Please remember that astrology is complex and this list is a blunt tool for determining “sign strength,” but it’s a good start.

1. Your Sun, Moon, or 1st House (your rising sign) in Gemini: Any of these would make your chart scream “strong Gemini.” Find more than one of those in this sign and you’re knocking it out of the park.

2. Other planets in Gemini: Where there are planets there is energy working through the style of this sign. Some part of your psyche is shaped by Gemini. Find multiple planets there and this ups the ante for Gemini strength in your chart.

3. No planets are present, but houses 4, 7, or 10 land in Gemini: These angular houses can be very influential. Gemini's influence can still be evident even though no planets sit in the sign.

4. No planets present and any house besides 1, 4, 7, or 10 lands in Gemini: The sign a house cusp (boundary line) lands in helps to shape it. With Gemini on a house cusp, “Gemini energy” may be present or felt in those areas of life. But without a planet there, its influence may be less profound.

5. Gemini lands between two houses and no house cusps land in it at all: This is an “intercepted sign.” “Gemini style” may not be strongly felt. BUT, to investigate themes of communication, thinking, and education, you can still check where your Mercury sits or what’s going on in your 3rd House…There are always more clues to be found in a chart!

Now you have a better sense of where you fall in the “Gemini spectrum.”

From here, it begins to feel like a “choose your own adventure.”

​There are more details to add to the Gemini’s story, and each person’s will be different.

“Like the wind, the nature of Gemini is to move rapidly from place to place, covering everything it encounters, but perhaps too rapidly to get a deep impression of anything.”

​— Robert Hand

What is my Gemini Story?

This is where things are going to take a different turn for each of us.

What you investigate next will depend on what you have going on in your sign of Gemini.

-If you have a planet in Gemini: Planets have their own agendas to add to the mix. Investigate how your planet could be shaped by the sign of Gemini. For help on that question, find more information here.

-For everyone, learn about the house that sits in Gemini: How does this airy sign shape the experiences you may have with that house? Learn more about that here. (Enjoy my terrible green screen - hahaha!!)

​-If you have a planet Gemini: How could the motivations of that planet could work through that house, AND the style of Gemini? Get creative here! It takes some brainstorming and the use of your imagination.

​Once you have gathered information about what in your chart (and life) Gemini is shaping, you are ready to do some introspection!

What can I learn from my Gemini?

One great way to think deeper about something is through journal prompts.

​Here are some to help you dissect the Gemini in your life so you can learn more about how you may experience this sign.

  • How “strong” is Gemini in my chart? Did this surprise me or not?
  • What house lands in Gemini in my chart?
  • Which areas of life does Gemini influence in my chart? Learn more here.
  • Do I feel Gemini’s influence at work in those areas of my life in any way? If so, how?
  • Are there any of Gemini’s strengths that shine through me in those parts of my life?
  • Do I sense any of Gemini’s pitfalls at play in those areas of life?
  • Are there times when I don’t speak my truth? When is that?
  • When I reflect on how I communicate with others, what do I do really well?
  • Is there any way that I could communicate in a more effective way? If so, how?
  • What are things I am most curious about right now and want to learn more about?
  • Do I feel like my mind can rest a healthy amount? Does it move too quickly, not quickly enough, or an amount that I feel is a good balance?
  • Would I describe myself as someone who is adaptable or not? In what ways am I flexible and in what ways do I hold firm?

How do I keep Gemini happy?

You have swam through deep Gemini waters at this point and investigated how you experience this energy.

If you want to develop and embrace your Gemini further, how could you begin?

Ideas to keep your Gemini happy:

  • Feed your mind. Look at the areas of life described by Gemini’s house. These are ideas for ways you could indulge your Gemini with information it may love.
  • Take moments to stop and observe. There doesn’t have to be an agenda here. What are you seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. Just take it all in.
  • Share what you know with others. This could be as simple as conversations with friends, adding to a Reddit thread, or going all in with a class, blog, or YouTube channel.
  • Meet new people. This doesn’t mean you have to become best friends, but engaging with others is Gemini’s bread and butter.

How do I avoid Gemini's pitfalls?

Gemini is a fantastic sign that can be a breath of fresh air.

But if you have strong Gemini placements in your chart, how do you steer clear of some of Gemini's not-so-fun tendencies?

Ideas to avoid Gemini pitfalls:

  • Check yourself in conversation: Does the other person seem to be engaged? Are they also getting a chance to talk equally and without being interrupted?
  • Deliberate relaxation: Gemini doesn't want to stop thinking or going. Taking relaxation techniques seriously may be a good idea.
  • Double-check priorities and make a list: If there are a lot of projects going in your life, ask yourself if it is a realistic amount. Otherwise, make a priority list and be frank with yourself - which ones need sustained attention and which can be on pause for now.
  • Fact-check your storyteller: Everyone loves a good story and Gemini can be great at captivating attention. But make sure the tales aren't getting taller and taller with each retelling.

“The secret is in the Geminian duality. They can do two. things at once with less effort than it takes most of us to do one.”

— Linda Goodman

Wish you had a Gemini cheat sheet with all of Gemini’s stats and journal prompts?

Wait…you can!

Click here to download the Gemini Sign Series companion cheat sheet and journal prompts printout that accompanies this newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Gemini in your chart.

​Much love,

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