Your "Season" - The Progressed Sun

Your "Season" - The Progressed Sun

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

In 2 years I will experience a major astrological event - one that has been 21 years in the making.

And one that will last for another 27.

This shift will mark the beginning of a new season in my life.

One where the very bedrock of my psyche will be challenged in novel ways.

But also one where I will encounter fresh opportunities to grow.

The phenomenon I will experience is my progressed Sun passing from my 8th House into my 9th House.

If that doesn’t sound very earth-shattering, let me add that our progressed Sun may only change houses 3-4 times in our lifetime.

And when it does, it shoves us into new waters.

This will shift my foundation, pulling new territories of life to the forefront to wrestle with and learn from.

I was born with my Sun in the 6th House of my natal chart.

Matters of day-to-day routines, work, and taking care of my health will always be in my wheelhouse.

But no one is static.

Life changes, we change.

Matters of the 7th and 8th Houses were already dropped on my doorstep as my progressed Sun cycled through them.

And in 2 years as it moves into my 9th, this house will take on new meaning for me - bringing with it new possibilities and pitfalls.

Yes, I’m pretty excited about this.

​Using my progressed Sun as a guide for my personal development has some advantages:

  • Helps me keep from getting stagnant
  • Challenging myself in new ways
  • Exploring who I am at a deeper level
  • Following my natural rhythms of life
  • Being aware of changes so that I can better adapt to them

So my era is changing.

Which makes it a great time to teach you how to check in with yours!

In this newsletter, I will show you:

  • what the progressed Sun is
  • how to find your progressed Sun
  • what to look for to determine "your season"
  • how to determine the next time your progressed Sun will bring change into your life

What is the Progressed Sun?

Our natal charts are static representations of ourselves in symbolic form.

These are snapshots of the moment we came into the world.

After we're born, we continuously face inner and outer changes that influence us.

Progressions are one of many astrological tools we can use to shed insight on those changes.

But progressions move slowly.

So slowly, that some progressed planets don’t seem to move at all in our entire lifetime.

These aren't describing the day-to-day business of our everyday lives, but rather eras.

Progressed planets help define our “seasons” of life.

And when a progressed planet finally does change sign or house, it’s a big deal!

Here’s how the movement of progressed planets works: 1 Day = 1 Year.


  • Wherever the transiting (currently moving) Moon sat on your 3rd day of life will be where it sat on your 3rd birthday in your progressed chart.
  • If transiting Mercury was at 5° Sagittarius on your 1 month birthday, your progressed Mercury will be around 5° Sagittarius on your 30th birthday.
  • The transiting Sun takes 365 days to move around the chart, but the progressed Sun takes 365 years to circle it.

“The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become.”

​— Alice O. Howell

If each planet is a different part of you, how does that part need to evolve and grow over your lifetime?

Progressions help point the way.

Let's apply this to the Sun.

The Sun is the core of who we are and our self-identity.

Our progressed Sun is our core and identity evolving.

Where is my Progressed Sun now?

Once your progressed Sun enters a new sign it takes 30 years before it moves to the next.

The time it takes to change houses varies but averages about the same.

Most of us will be of the age that our progressed Sun has moved to at least one new sign or house - maybe more!

​And thanks to software on the internet, we can all find the current location of our progressed Sun for free!

1.Go to ​​ and create your natal chart, if you haven’t already.

2. In the upper, right-hand corner click on “My Astro” and pull down “Stored Astro Data.”

3. Click on your natal chart. On the next screen, select “Extended Chart Selection.”

4. Under “Chart type:” scroll down to “Natal and progressed chart*.”

5. Click the green “Show the chart >>” button. You are now looking at your natal chart (the inner, black symbols) and your progressed planets (the symbols outside the circle in green).

Find the Sun symbol ☉ in green on the outside of your natal chart and that is your progressed Sun.

What “season” am I in?

Now that you have found your progressed Sun, what can it tell you?

Please keep in mind that regardless of what the transiting or progressed planets are doing, your natal Sun is always your “core.”

Your natal Sun will always shine brightly.

Its progressed era will simply offer it new ways to grow and add to its complexity.

​Evolutionary Astrologer Stephen Forrest describes the progressing Sun as “changes of the biographical tone of life,” and that “the gravitational center of life may change into a new domain”

The progressing Sun is “changes of the biographical tone of life,” where “the gravitational center of life may change into a new domain”

​-Stephen Forrest

Here is how to determine the “season” of your progressed Sun (and your evolving identity):

  • What sign is your natal Sun in?​ 

    What sign does your progressed Sun currently sit in?

    You can think of this sign as part of your current “season.”

    Imagine your natal Sun sign with all of its desires and motivations.

    How could it grow under this new sign’s influence?

    What would it look like for your natal Sun to “learn the lessons” of the sign your progressed Sun sits in?

  • Which house does your natal Sun occupy?

    What house does your progressed Sun sit in?

    The matters of the house of your progressed Sun also add to your “season.”

    While the areas of life described by your natal Sun’s house will always play a major role in your life - which new territories are your progressed Sun embarking on?

    What new parts of life may increase in importance during this era of your progressed Sun?

  • Look at your progressed Sun’s history.

    That is a lot of information to process, but of course, this can go much deeper if you want to.

    Besides your Sun's natal sign and house, has your progressed Sun already traveled through other signs and houses?

    If so, reflect on the desires and motivations of those signs or the areas of life described by those houses.

    How have those details played a role in your life already?

    How have they shaped who you are now?

When is my Progressed Sun changing next?

Progressions are a predictive tool in astrology.

Sure, looking at where your progressed Sun sits now is helpful.

But we can also figure out the next time it will encounter big changes.

​On your natal chart, each tick mark represents 1°.

In the example above, you can count 30 tick marks in Libra - representing 30°.

​When looking at your natal and progressed chart, you can count the degrees between where your progressed Sun sits now, and the next sign or house.

This can tell you what year you will experience that change.

In the example above, I counted 5 tick marks (maybe 4.5?) between their progressed Sun and the cusp of their 9th House.

This means that in 5 years their progressed Sun will move out of their 8th House - where it had been from birth to 20 - and into their 9th House.

In 15 years it will exit its 30-year stay in Scorpio and enter Sagittarius.

​And their self-identity will encounter all kinds of new Sagittarian-flavored changes.

How is this information helpful?

You have gathered a lot of details about your progressed Sun, but what do you do with it?

​This information is helpful in two ways:

  • ​It's useful for self-reflection.

    If personal development and growth are important to you, check in with yourself about the changes your progressed Sun has gone through.

    How have you dealt with those changes?

    Do you feel you have “mastered” or at least done a decent job of navigating these new domains of life?

    It’s never too late.

    If not, what are some ways you could begin to?

  • Be ready when the Universe calls.

    Astrologer Stephen Forrest highlights the importance of synchronicity with progressions.

    For instance, if your progressed Sun has moved into the 10th House and is now asking you to begin integrating more career, legacy, or “great work” stuff into your identity, how might that happen?

    You may start to notice career, legacy, and “great work” opportunities dropped into your lap.

    That’s not to say a great career shift will be magically handed to you.

    But, one thing may lead to another, and another, and boom: big career changes.

    Knowing that your progressed Sun crossed into the 10th House, and that your career may need to take on greater importance, you can be on the lookout for “bones” the Universe is trying to throw you.

    Awareness never hurts and can offer guidance.

So what “season” is your progressed Sun in?

How many years do you have until your seasons change?

​Most importantly, how can you make the best of it?

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