Astrology Houses: 12 Pieces That Define Your Life Experience

Houses in astrology describe 12 pieces that your birth chart is divided into based on where you were in relation to the Sun at the moment of your birth. Each piece, or house, represents specific parts of life. Planets and signs in a house can indicate what to expect and also the ideal way to navigate those experiences.

What Are the 12 Houses in Astrology??

Astrological houses are different sections of a map of the sky at the moment you were born.

And, also like a map, the houses in your natal chart show where the planets and other luminaries were located at the time of your birth.

The house lines are also called cusps and your 1st House cusp is always at the center on the left side of your chart, and the rest of the 11 houses fill in your chart moving around counter-clockwise.

Think of them as a pie cut into 12 slices. Each slice represents a different area of your life, like love, work, and home.

The houses in astrology can be described as the verbs in your life and symbolize what you have done, are doing, and will do in your future.

The character of the signs and motivations of the planets in your birth chart are put into action through these 12 houses.

Below is a quick summary of the territories of life each house represents.

1. First House-House of Self

The First House, also known as the "Ascendant" is all about your sense of identity.

It's the house that represents how you present yourself and the lens you look through to see the world.

Astrologers look at the planet that rules the First House and the sign on the cusp to get a sense of your outward persona and how you come across to others.

2. Second House - House of Money

The Second House is all about your money, possessions, and sense of value.

It's the house that represents your financial stability, your income, and your relationship with money.

What you value, and hold dear is also a part of this house, as is your sense of security when it comes to both resources and also your own self-worth.

3. Third House - House of Communication

Your Third House covers the territory of communication, learning, and your immediate environment.

It's the house that represents your ability to think and express yourself, your relationships with siblings, neighbors, and short trips.

This house offers insight into how your mind works, how you gather information, your communication style, and the way you interact with people and places familiar to you.

4. Fourth House - House of Home

Your Fourth House describes your foundation, roots, family, and home.

This house can give you a sense of your emotional needs, family dynamics, and how you relate to your home.

The Fourth House also offers clues as to who you truly believe yourself to be deep down and who you are when no one is looking.

5. Fifth House - House of Pleasure

The Fifth House in astrology is all about fun and creativity!

It's the house of self-expression, letting your inner-child out, kicking back, and having a good time.

Your 5th also covers the territory of romance and non-committed, intimate relationships.

6. Sixth House - House of Health

Your Sixth House is associated with health and daily routines.

It's the house of work, service, and all things practical. I like to think of this as the house of adulting because it covers the details in life that may not be fun, but are necessary.

The 6th is also a house to look toward if you are wondering what kind of job you may excel at or enjoy.

7. Seventh House - House of Marriage

With the Seventh House, it's is all about relationships. It's the house of partnerships, so a great place to look if you want to know more about your significant other, business partner, or any kind of one-to-one relationship.

This house is also associated with marriage and long-term commitment.

Also, this house is referred to as your Descendant and describes qualities that you don't see in yourself and that you may gravitate toward in others.

8. Eighth House - House of Death

The Eighth House in astrology covers deeper and more mysterious aspects of life.

It's the house of transformations, death, and rebirth, so it's a great place to look if you want to know more about your own inner workings and the deeper aspects of your life.

This house is also associated with sex (but not the casual kind, look to the 5th House for that), death, taxes, and other people's resources.

9. Ninth House - House of Long Journeys

Your Ninth House in astrology describes your need for adventure, new experiences, and finding meaning in life.

It's the house of long-distance travel, higher education, and anything that expands your mind and shakes up your "boring" routine.

Spirituality and faith are also a part of your 9th House and it helps shape your worldview and philosophy of life.

10. Tenth House - House of Career

The Tenth House in astrology covers your public image, career, and status in society.

It's the house that describes your professional life, and ambitions, and comes as close to your house of "destiny" as any house in the chart if that is something you put any stock in.

Another name for this house is your Midheaven, and can help you understand who you want to be and your highest aspirations.

11. Eleventh House - House of Friends

Your 11th House is the house of friends, groups, and social networks.

This house is also associated with your hopes and plans for the future, and who you surround yourself with to help you get there.

Additionally, your Eleventh House is also connected to humanitarian causes and organizations, so it can reveal your desire to make a difference in the world and how you want to contribute to society.

12. Twelfth House - House of Troubles

The Twelfth House in astrology is the house of the hidden, the unseen, and emotions locked away from the conscious mind.

This mysterious house describes what lies in your subconscious that you are unaware of, but that influences your behavior and triggers feelings nonetheless.

Your 12th is also associated with enlightenment, but also isolation, and institutions such as hospitals, prisons, and other places of confinement.

This may not be an "easy" house in your chart to experience, but holds keys that can help you unlock a door to personal growth and a deeper spiritual connection.